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About the Commemorative Title

Learn more about the Commemorative Title

The Commemorative Title is part of your story that you can own and appreciate forever.

Buying a property takes hard work - your home will be the most significant investment you will ever make. Celebrate and take pride in your achievement with this tangible piece of history.

The Commemorative Title is an artistic depiction of your actual title. It is drawn directly from the Victorian Register of Land, which details the ownership of each home or parcel of land in Victoria.

Using the Victorian Register of Land, the Commemorative Title can be personalised for each parcel of land*.

A Commemorative Title cannot be used for any legal purpose.

*Can only show actual address details as per the Victorian Title Register.
*Some addresses may not display as expected - see FAQs for details and how to contact SERV regarding issues with your Commemorative Title.

Image of a Commemorative Title in a display folder.

When is a good time to order a Commemorative Title?

It doesn’t matter how long you have owned your home, you can purchase a Commemorative Title once you’ve settled on a new home, after 20 years, when you pay off your mortgage, or just before you sell.

If you own your property, it’s always a good time to own a Commemorative Title.

About land titles in Victoria

The Torrens Title system was implemented in Victoria in 1862. This created an accurate and complete reflection of the current ownership and interests on all parcels of land in the state.

Since the introduction of the Transfer of Land Act 1958 this information has been held in a database that is maintained by the Registrar of Titles.

In the early 2000’s a computerised register was created, and 137 years of land titles were converted to digital records. Then in 2009, as electronic conveyancing was bought in, the state introduced electronic certificates and all the certificates of title held by each bank were converted from paper to electronic.

Today Victoria's 2.9 million titles are securely stored electronically in the Victorian Online Titles System.

The Commemorative Title, while not a legal document, is a tangible and personalised artistic depiction of your certificate of title that you can hold on to forever.

About SERV

ABN 86 627 986 396

SERV is an innovative registry, technology, and data insights company. In 2018, the Victorian Government granted us a 40-year concession to administer registry services for the 160-year-old Victorian Land Titles Office.

Terms and Conditions

A Commemorative Title is a not a legal document and must be used for personal use only.

1 - The Commemorative Title includes the name/s of the registered owner/s on the Victorian land registry at the time of order.

2 - We will only provide a replacement or refund if you provide us with proof of purchase and satisfactory evidence (in our reasonable opinion) that the product was not delivered or was delivered other than as ordered or is defective within 1 business day of delivery.

3 - We partner with third party providers to provide you with our goods and services (including National Australia Bank as our payment provider) and their terms and privacy policies apply to you, as appropriate.

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