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Search for your Victorian address using the search box below. Enter the address of the property to find your Commemorative Title.

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Your Commemorative Title is drawn directly from the Victorian Register of Land, which details the ownership of parcels of land in the state.

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Having trouble finding your address?

This could be due to several reasons:

  • Please ensure your address is entered exactly as it is displayed on your council rates. For example, your address may be 1C Smith Street, but it is registered with the council as Unit 3, 1 Smith Street.
    If your property has recently been built or subdivided, these details may not have been updated yet – it can take up to three months for these changes to be accurately reflected in the system.
  • The street address on a Commemorative Title is drawn from the Victorian Register of Land. If your address is wrong, it will need to be updated on the Register. You will need to update your address before purchasing the Commemorative Title to ensure the correct address is printed. To update your address please contact your local council, ask the council to verify and update the address. Then, ask the council to send you an email confirming the correct address. Once you have this email from the council, forward it to landata.enquiries@servictoria.com.au so that we can update your address in the system. The LANDATA® team will let you know when your address is updated so you can purchase your Commemorative Title.
  • If you can’t find your address and you are wanting to purchase a Commemorative Title, please contact us here.

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